She advised other marchers to seek other spots along the


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cheap hats “It’s very rewarding to see the military folks. I mean I feel like it’s an honor for us to pay tribute with the families here,” said Friers. “It’s very, very hard on the families. She advised other marchers to seek other spots along the planned route.Though the marchers were mostly female and white, men and people of color also joined the crowd. Cynthia English new era outlet, a 61 year old Jamaican American living in Florida, said she wanted the new president to know that women will be fighting during his presidency to ensure that the country and laws treat them equally. She was with her daughter and marching for her two granddaughters in that hope that no future president feels comfortable making lewd comments about women.”I don’t want this to happen to them 20 years from now, so I am making my mark now,” English said. cheap hats

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