5 million that Lloyd Carr is making and the multi millions


Amidst this commotion, Michelle gave Barack the most endearing fist bump ever bumped in the history of fists. It was a smile and a bump that connected lightly. Immediately after the bump her fist changed into a thumbs up and for a few seconds it was just Barack and Michelle and that’s it.

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On the last day of Gerstner’s trip cheap jerseys, we were all a little worried that her dream would not come true and that she would miss meeting O’Loughlin. But she finally was in the right place at the right time and caught O’Loughlin while the crew was filming at the Hawaii Theatre for the season six finale. Perfect ending of my vacation was, of course, meeting my favorite actor Alex and to get two photos with him, taken by the professional photographer Scotty!” said Gerstner of her experience meeting O’Loughlin and having actor Scott Caan take their picture together..

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